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Sounds Visual Radio
Episode 16: Collapsi

Collapsi is a solo project by Elizabeth Seward. Collapsi was first conceptualized in 2011, but was kept almost entirely private until 2018, with the exception of rehearsals with other musicians and a handful of shows Seward played in Austin, TX in 2012 under the name. Seward previously fronted a band (Devola) and has released music under her own name. In 2010, she wrote, recorded, and released a song every week for the duration of the year. Previous musical endeavors have led to mentions and/or reviews in Spin, New York Times, The Hype Machine, The Deli, Alternative Press, and Current TV.

Collapsi’s sound is singer/songwriter-based, but dimensionally flexible. As such, the instrumentation relies heavily on guitar (primarily electric) and vocals, but leaves space for layers and collaborations with other musicians. The sound might be described as raw, gritty, grungy, ethereal, dreamy, soulful, bluesy, haunting, and melodic.

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