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Episode 77: A.D. Burrise (The 9th Creation)

A.D. Burrise is a bassist, songwriter, and founding member of the soul/funk group The 9th Creation.

Founded in 1970 by A.D. and led by his brother J.D. Burrise, the 9th Creation came out of the small central valley California town of Stockton. During the seventies, this pivotal group made their mark with three monumental, and now very collectable, funk albums including “Bubble Gum” (1975, the same year they appeared on “Soul Train”), “Reaching For The Top” (1977), and “Superheroes” (1979). With these releases, the 10-12 piece band gained a cult following by fusing the raw West Coast soul sound with heavy-hitting funk, disco grooves, and early boogie influences.

Today, they are best remembered for the frequently-sampled deep funk classic “Bubble Gum.”

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