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Sounds Visual Radio
Episode 82: Honoring the Life and Career of Syl Johnson (1936-2022)

On this special episode of the podcast: a tribute to Syl Johnson, who passed away on February 6, 2022. Syl was a legendary, and somewhat mythical, guitar player and singer, an unheralded genius whose records combined elements of funk, soul, and rhythm and blues—a singular sound that also made him an indelible influence in the hip-hop world, eventually becoming one of the most sampled artists in history.

I was fortunate enough to briefly speak with Syl in December 2021. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to connect with him, and in this short retrospective, Syl is still right here with us—speaking candidly about his life and career.

Buy Syl’s book here

Buy the “Complete Mythology” here

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