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Sounds Visual Radio
Sounds Visual Radio Presents: How Deep Is Your Crate, Episode 5 with DJ Sesqui

“How Deep Is Your Crate” is a new spinoff podcast from Sounds Visual where we’ll be discussing some of our favorite albums from our own collections.

For the 5th episode, DJ Sesqui talks to us about the self-titled 1972 release from two Brazilian musicians: percussionist Pedro Dos Santos and guitarist SebastiĆ£o Tapajos. The album masterfully bridges the gap between the rich Brazilian tradition of Tapajos’ guitar–and the delicacy, subtlety, and sophistication of the classical tradition–interwoven with the experimental percussion of Dos Santos, who used unusual objects such as spoons, matchboxes, and water cups to create extraordinary beauty throughout the 12 songs on the album.

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