Sounds Visual Radio
Sounds Visual Radio
Episode 2: Allen Thayer

For episode 2 of the Sounds Visual podcast, we spoke with Allen “The Ambassador” Thayer and did a deep dive into the world of Brazilian beats. Allen is a globally-minded music journalist and DJ with a passion for jazz, soul, and funk and in particular the historical and contemporary expressions of these musical ideas across the African diaspora. Allen talks to us about how a Gilberto Gil CD he got as a teenager sparked his lifelong obsession with Brazilian music, his experiences as a contributing journalist for the seminal music magazine Wax Poetics, why his radio show on KMHD is such a perfect fit for Saturday mornings, what musicians would be theoretically be enshrined on Mount Funkmore, and how he ended up writing a full-length book about a legendary 2 volume album (Racional Volumes I and II) by Tim Maia, often referred to as the “godfather of Brazilian soul.”

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