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Sounds Visual Radio
Episode 8: Dan Berkman

Dan Berkman is the founder of Jump Jump Music, one of Portland’s longest-running record stores, and the co-founder of the Night Owl Record Show, where crate diggers have convened since 2003 to dig through tens of thousands of LPs and 45s. He started collecting records back about 1960 and in 1979, collecting became his obsession. His focus was deep soul and blues, but he was also interested in all American roots music, country, R&B, zydeco, etc.

For the next decade, a significant amount of Dan’s paycheck went into buying records. By 1990, he knew the only way to listen to them all was to do it full time, so he opened a store on NE Broadway in Portland.

Today, his store is at 7005 NE Prescott St. He does mostly mail order, but he’s always happy to open the door to whoever knocks and wants to browse. Over the years he’s had many great customers: serious collectors, beat miners, producers, DJs, and casual music lovers. After all these years, Dan still considers his work a gift.

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