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Sounds Visual Radio
Sounds Visual Radio Presents: How Deep Is Your Crate, Episode 7 with DJ Sesqui

“How Deep Is Your Crate” is a new spinoff podcast from Sounds Visual where we’ll be discussing some of our favorite albums from our own collections.

For this week’s episode, DJ Sesqui talked to us about pianist Mark Dimond’s classic 1971 release, “Brujeria,” first issued on Vaya Records in 1971. The album was produced by Harvey Averne and Larry Harlow, with Dimond composing all seven songs, performed in the classic Cuban Son Montuno style which allowed him to take some very fiery and dynamic piano solos throughout. Although the LP was not a major commercial success when first issued, this album has always been revered by serious fans of 1970s Salsa music, and is now revered as Latin Afro-Cuban masterpiece.

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