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Episode 49: Harold Greene of Magnum

Magnum were a heavy jazz/funk combo from San Pedro, CA that released an incredibly rare LP called “Fully Loaded” in 1974. “Fully Loaded” is an album on many crate diggers’ “Holy Grail” lists: a samplers wet dream, the album features horn-driven ’70s funk, heavy, melodic basslines and a robotically tight rhythm section.

Due to poor promotion, they did not sell many records at the time, but “Fully Loaded” became widely bootlegged after it was sampled, and, eventually, was released legitimately on CD. Although the album is now regarded as a rare groove classic (emphasis on “rare”), little is/was known about the band itself.

The group consisted of Michael Greene on piano, organ, percussion and vocals; Harold Greene on bass; David Sutton on drums; Vance Wormley on trombone, organ piano and percussion; Thurron Mallory on tenor and alto sax and electrified percussion; George Chaney on congas and bongos; Kevin Thornton on lead and rhythm guitars; and Lamont Payne on trumpet and percussion.

For this episode, DJ Sesqui was able to talk to Harold Greene via phone. Many thanks to him for guest hosting this episode, and special gratitude to Harold for coming on the show.

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